Music & Memory Toolkit

This web-based toolkit (access tool links below) is a resource for nursing facilities that would like to sustain a personalized music program OR would like to begin providing personalized music within their facility. We at M3I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this evidence-based personalized music program to ameliorate a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms associated with aging.

While we completed the active research portion of this initiative in December 2021, M3I developed these resources to continue to educate staff in nursing facilities in Virginia on ways to use personalized music to ease and soothe dementia-related symptoms such as agitation and depression. You will find numerous resources within this toolkit for all stages of providing personalized music and we are so excited you are here to join us in having personalized music a standard of care throughout the aging process.   

While our research through M3I assessed the effect of personalized music on individuals with dementia, a personalized music program is beneficial for anyone and everyone. From individuals with a wide range of cognitive and physical conditions to those caring for them and everyone in-between, personalized music provides a means to connect with the past and find a more-secure footing with the present, overall alleviating loneliness and isolation. We at M3I believe that everyone should have their own life soundtrack.